Decanters and jugs

Decanters and jugs

Designer handmade jugs to enhance your celebration table

Crystal Boutique is your ultimate source of top-quality branded glassware, decanters, jugs, carafes, and pitchers perfect in their shapes and cuts. Our exquisite handmade jugs are ideal for holding elite tipples, wines, and water while making a statement of your taste.

High-class decanters are used to preserve and enhance the flavor of a beverage, and designer crystal-clear jugs are meant to help you admire the appearance of your favorite drink. Whether you want your expensive spirit to remain its qualities for longer or would love to behold its aesthetics through the glass, a handmade jug or a decanter adds a touch of sophistication and style to your table setting.

We also offer decanter sets with an exclusive elegant vessel and several glasses to match for an ultimately coordinated look when dining and wining. Our glassware is meant to delight and ideal for gifting, so you can present your dearest ones with a piece of crystal excellence and enjoy their thanks.

Splendid handmade jugs, pitchers, and decanters at Crystal Boutique are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted by the industry’s most talented and internationally-recognized makers like Baccarat, Lalique and Christofle, our glassware for beverages and spirits never fails to impress.

Our exclusive handcrafted jugs and decanters will enchant you with the finesse of lines and the elegance of forms. Spirit and liquor connoisseurs will appreciate our glassware and stemware with their unique shapes and high-class performance. We are sure that our luxury designer handmade crystal jugs and decanters will turn your dining experience into a special one.